To begin an application,click register in the upper left corner. You will need to create a user profile.  You will be able to start, stop, and edit your application up until the deadline by signing in with your e-mail address and password.
NOTE:  If you are applying for more than one AAW exhibition, you will need to register separately on the webpage for each exhibition. You may use the same e-mail and password, but you will need to sign in to each webpage separately. Only the submission for the page you sign into (Patterns or Turning 30) will be visible.

How many pieces may I enter? You may enter up to three pieces per show.

What is the entry fee? $35 for up to three pieces

May I enter the same piece for more than one show? If your work is not accepted to Patterns, you may enter it into Turning 30 AFTER January 10. Dual entries of the same work placed before that time will be disqualified.

How do I resize my images? Click here for instructions 

I can’t attach my image!  It may be too large (over 5MB) or too small (under 540KB). Images must be in JPG file format.

Can I change my text or images after I've submitted my piece(s)? You may edit your application up until the closing date by signing in and clicking on the “My Submissions” tab. To add or edit text, click the orange button. To add or edit images, click on the trash can icon below the image you want to delete, then click on the blue "+ image" button on the far right.  If you have already uploaded three images, the "+ image" icon will not be visible until you have deleted at least one image.

I'm applying for both Turning 30 and Patterns, but I am only seeing one application when I sign in. Each show has its own submission URL. https://turning30.artcall.org and http://patterns.artcall.org

When will I know if I was accepted? By January 10 for Patterns, and by March 31 for Turning 30.

Other questions? Please contact Tib Shaw, 651-444-1205, tib@woodturner.org